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Note: Seed Garlic available for order August 10, 2017

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Inchilleum Red: (Artichoke) A hardy, large and long keeping softneck garlic that is beautiful in braids. Inchelium averages 6-10 bulbs per pound, and yields 7-10 plant-able cloves per bulb. If stored properly, it will keep well for 5-7 months.  Crop opened up in wet conditions but still good for the 2017 season.

German Red: (Rocambole) This is the gourmet Chef's favorite due to its good size, excellent full flavor and, it is very easy to peel.  Usually produces 6-9 plant-able cloves per bulb and there are 7-9 bulbs per pound.  Stores well for 5-7 months. Great crop for 2017.SOLD OUT!

German Extra Hardy: (Porcelain) Very large bulbs and cloves in this easy to grow hardneck variety.  A degree milder than our other two varieties.  Nearly every clove is of plant-able size yielding 4-6 cloves per bulb, and 4-6 bulbs per pound.  Stores well for 7-9 months. Crop looking good for 2017.

Dutch Red Shallot: Copper outer wrappers covering pink/purple flesh. The 1-4 inch bulbs of these "true" gourmet shallots grow well in various climates. Keep weeded to allow for proper drydown as stalks fall over and turn brown. Harvest with garlic in early July (on average). Fall plant just like garlic. Very long keeper in a good year.Crop looking good for 2017.

*There are no guarantees attached to these products. These varieties do best in the northern regions above 32 degrees north. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, return the product within 30 days of shipment and we will refund your money.